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Play your favorite crazy game online. Choose from the most insane and funny games.

Crazy Games - Play cool games free, click a picture to play a game, turn back often for new insane games

Worm Attack

Tentacle Spectacle

Turbocharged Penguins

Euroball 2008

worm attack tentacle spectacle funny penguins euroball 2008

Kill the Flies

Backlash Cannonball Follies 2 Albatros Overload
kill flies backlash bumper car cannonball follies albatros overload
More funny games - Play funny games free online - crazy flash games - insane games to play
Neverland Escape Flamingo Drive Cat-vag Catapult II

SpongeBob Karate

michael jackson game yeti sports 5 flamingo drive cat vag catapult funny karate
Kick it Guru

Crash Test

Tube Run

Holy Cow
kickit guru crash test dummy olympics tuberun holycow
Jack Hammer

Monkey Target

Murphys Gesetz

Maqnetic Madness
jack hammer game monkey target murphys gesetz magnetic madness
Flip Card Flying Monster
flip card game flying spaghetti monster the game  



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